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Winterguard 2022-2023 Clearance

Please take some time to adequately review all of the forms required by the School District of Hillsborough County for participation. 
These forms are to help ensure a safe and memorable experience
as a member of the Newsome Winterguard program. 

Step One: Complete This Audition

Step Two: SDHC Athletic Clearance

Must be cleared before first rehearsal
(Ok to audition)
MAKE SURE TO SELECT "Band Auxiliary" when creating your Home Campus Account.
1. Watch this WALKTHROUGH VIDEO for instructions
2. Take this form to the doctor for a physical (SDHC Physical Form)
3. Visit and search courses for the following training videos:
  • Concussion in Sports - What You Need To Know
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
4. Combine video certificates into one document.
5. Create an account at 
6. Upload Parent ID, Student Video Certificates, and complete medical information.
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